Agency Service


LionsCat offers to help companies as well as private clients with coordinating and maintaining their social media sites professionally. Our offer includes creating content for being able to post regularly and maintain it over a long time as well as offering strategic ideas (consulting).

  • Development of a strategy for Social Media (planning posting strategy, target audience, overall theme,…)
  • Growing of Social Media Impact – Improving posts via hashtag support, keywords and links
  • Marketing of Social Media  – Finding and acquiring possible cooperation partners & Support for Viral Marketing  – linking social media accounts to create virality





LionsCat is considerably experienced regarding Influencer Marketing. We also facilitate the coordination and management between influencer and business.

The promotion of your brand can be perfected by finding a target group and creating a strong bond through the best influencers offered by LionsCat. The reach and reputation of your brand’s products and service can be improved on channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vine and/or Snapchat.

  • Influencer Marketing Design in the topics: travel, fitness, fashion, health, food, beauty etc.
  • Finding and creating individual offers in order to increase reach & find the most fitting influencers within your budget limits.
  • Observing and coordinating SOM presence and planning the best product presentation & Reporting and analyzing your SOM campaigns with respect to the most relevant key figures that influence the judgement of performance of marketing





There is also the offer of LionsCat to not only plan but also coordinate and conduct a brand’s own Influencer Event.

This may help your business to grow with the help of postings such as pictures, videos and texts on the Influencer’s social media channels. LionsCat is able to link modern event-marketing and a major focus on towards reaching the target group.

  • Selecting the most fitting influencers for your event with regards to reach, budged and style.
  • Organizing the SOM Event with selected Influencers: Managing event location, travels and accommodation of the Influencers.
  • Observation during the Influencer Event. You are able to contact us at your event location & Providing photographers and video producers. This way, there’ll be huge amounts of sustainable content (pictures and videos) for later reuse.