#Fitness – How not to quit your workout plan

Now that it’s March, the motivation many people get from their New Years Resolutions starts to fade away. I cannot count how many times I have been asked how I get and stay motivated. So here are my best tips to keep going.

Look at motivational Instagram feeds or read inspirational blogs

Josephine Skriver on instagram

You expected me to say this, didn’t you? 😉 This is how I find my motivation again when I feel like I am losing it. One of my favorite Instagramers and Bloggers is Pamela Reif. I love her pictures and articles. And I love the fact that she is very toned and not as thin as many other fitness bloggers. Another one that really inspires me is, of course, Alexis Ren and pretty much all of the VS angels (especially Josephine Skriver). Their pictures motivate me to keep working towards my goals.

Build habits


This is how I keep doing what I do. I don’t even need motivation if it is already a habit and comes natural to me. That way, I am not dependent on my motivation. I just go because it is part of my daily routine. I made it a habit to go for a workout 5 times a week. Now it just feels weird and wrong if I skip it. This is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you.

Think of the feeling you’ll have afterwards


If you can’t be bothered to go for a workout think about how you felt the last time you did one. Weren’t you just so content and proud of yourself? You will feel the same way if you go again. This is a major boost for your motivation. But it also works for the opposite. How did you feel the last time you had a massive cheat meal? Probably very tired, nauseaus and overall bad. If you think about this feeling the next time you are about to eat something full of fat and sugars, you might not want to eat it anymore.

Specify your goals


How can you work towards something if you don’t have a clear vision of it? If you have ever tried it, it’s really hard. So instead of saying “I want to work out more” or “I want to get fit” make your goals more specific. “I want to work out at least 4 times a week” or “I want to be able to do 20 push-ups”. These goals are easier to achieve because you have a clear vision of what you want. That way you can figure out how exactly you are going to reach your goals.

Believe you can


The last and probably most important tip is: Believe in yourself. Be your own motivation. If you think you can, you’re already halfway there. This is true for sticking to your workout plan but also for keeping going in the last sets of some exercise. Or whatever, really. If you think you can and if you are willing to take the steps necessary for achieving your big goal, then you are unstoppable.

I hope these tips help you find and keep your motivation.

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