#Cat – 50 facts about me

I’ve been blogging for almost 7 months already! Can you believe it? So I thought it was about time all of you got to know me a bit better. That’s why I wrote down 50 facts about me. Some are funny, some are weird, but they are all 100% true.

I hope you enjoy!

🌸 Contrary to what many of you believe, I am actually quite small – I am 166 cm.
💞 I used to hate my eyes – I thought they were too big and made me look weird.
🌸 I gained 8 kilos in the last year.
💞 I started training about 5 years ago.
🌸 I grew up in a village with only 500 inhabitants/residents.
💞 I love going hiking and spending time in nature and in the woods.
🌸 I have a massive sweettooth. I love (almost) everything sweet. (Especially chocolate)
💞 My brother is my best friend.
🌸 I actually almost never cook for myself – I either make a salad or eat what my brother cooks for me.
💞 I used to be super shy and quiet in school. And I am still quite reserved in everyday life.
🌸 On Netflix I either watch some sort of Detective Series, Horror Movie or Disney film. There is no in between haha:)
💞 There are few things that I love more than food.
🌸 I can’t go a week without working out in my everyday life.
💞 My all time favorite song is still „Closer“ by „The Chainsmokers“.
🌸 I am incredibly excited for the next concert I am going to – it’s Ed Sheeran!!!!!
💞 My favorite food is Pasta al Salmone and Pizza (or anything Italian to be honest).
🌸 When I drink alcohol, it is either Gin or Champagne (even though I do not drink often).
💞 The easiest way to make me go to an event is if there is free food and free drinks.
🌸 The best prom/ball i have ever been to was Tuntenball in Graz.
💞 My favorite travel destination so far has been Ibiza (even though Nice was incredible as well).
🌸 I alway wear nailpolish!
💞 I love doing my makeup and I am a pro at it. However, I am really bad at doing my hair.
🌸 I don’t trust people very easily. I am quite cautious when it comes to making new friends.
💞 I have known my bff since I was a little kid.
🌸 I am an unbelievably disciplined person.
💞 I hate the smell of smoke/cigarettes. It gives me a headache.
🌸 The first concert I’ve been to was Green Day.
💞 I used to be a punk and lover of alternative music.
🌸 I miss the sea all the time!
💞 If I could, I would either live in Los Angeles or Australia.
🌸 My brother and I communicate in quotes from films and TV shows we have watched together.
💞 I love to bake but I don’t like to cook.
🌸 I do intermittent fasting from Mo-Fr.
💞 I eat whatever I want to on weekends.
🌸 I’ve been wanting to have a pet all my life but was never allowed to.
💞 I would travel all the time if I could.
🌸 I wouldn’t mind it if it was always summer.
💞 My favorite thing to bake are brownies. And my favorite thing to eat are „Schaumrollen“.
🌸 I am so pale that people often ask me if I am ill or feeling sick. Nope. That’s actually just my skintone.
💞 I have watched all Seasons of American Horror Story. I even watched Season 1 twice because I love it so much. #fangirling
🌸 I learned much of the vocabulary and pronunciation from watching YouTube videos.
💞 My favorite sweets are M&M’s, Milka Chocolate and Haribo Cherries.
🌸 I love eating meat and cold cuts.
💞 I don’t have a bucket list. I like to make things up as I go.
🌸 I still get really nervous in some social situations, especially if I have to talk in front of an audience.
💞 I am very critical of myself. Especially when it comes to my studies and my appearance.
🌸 I never play games. I do not like it at all. (Probably because I am a sore loser)
💞 I drink between 2-5 cups of tea each day in winter.
🌸 I drink a lot of water each day.
💞 I can’t go to sleep unless I have brushed my teeth and removed my makeup. Otherwise I can’t fall asleep.

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