#Fitness – Graz vs Düsseldorf

In case you didn’t know: I am Austrian. And I recently traveled to Germany. So when I was there, I decided I finally wanted to work out in a gym again (as I had been to Paris the weeks before and didn’t go to the gym there). I’ll tell you my experience in both my gym in Graz as well as in Düsseldorf.


Austria – Graz – John Harris


When I am in Austria I train 5 days a week in John Harris Fitness Club. It is a super modern gym in the city of Graz. What makes it so amazing is that it is not just a gym, but also a welness area. There is a sauna and even a swimming pool!

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What I love most about John Harris though is that there is so much room! Especially when I work out. I usually go around midday, that’s when the gym is basically empty. That’s when I can focus best on myself and my goals. I find that the staff there is incredibly competent and nice, which is also always a big plus.

I will tell you though that there isn’t really a great parking area. However, it is very easy to get there with public transport. In case you live in the main city in Graz – perfect! You can even go there by foot.

My favorite area do planks and pilates/yoga is in front of the panoramic windows. The view over Graz is breathtaking! It just makes working out so much more exciting.  While we’re on the subject of view – there is also a terrace. How cool is that! So John Harris is not only perfect for training but also for relaxing.


Germany – Düsseldorf – Holmes Place

Holmes Place Düsseldorf

Sooo when I found out that there is no John Harris in Germany I decided to go on the hunt for another luxurious gym. And I found Holmes Place. After one week of not training I was more than eager go hit the weights in the gym. I have to say that it was about the same when it comes to all the machines and weights. There is even a wellness area as well on the top floor. And the staff there is very nice and helpful as well. So what they offer is pretty similar.

Düsseldorf – Königsallee

One thing that I will say is that the Holmes Place in the “Königsallee” has a cooperation with the Intercontinental Hotel that is situated right next to it. Therefore, there are many international business people who train there. I also felt quite posh going into this gym, as there are countless expensive cars that are parked right before it. When going there, expect to see some Porsche and Lamborghini standing in front of the doors.

Even though I found that this gym is very modern, especially because of the lights, there was one thing that I really missed in this gym. The breathtaking view I have in my gym in Graz. As you all know, I love to do stretching, yoga and pilates. And it is just much more motivating when you’ve got a nice view all over the city.

So basically all I can say is that both of these gyms are top-notch and the best I have ever been to!

John Harris – Holmes Place

I hope you enjoyed reading this post:) Let me know if you have any suggestions for upcoming blogposts on my Instagram or in the comments below.



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