#Fitness – Stay in shape over the holidays

It’s holiday season. What does that mean? Lots of food! Incredibly good food. This is the reason why many of us tend to gain weight during the holidays. You want to avoid gaining unnecessary kilos over the holidays? I’ll show you what I do to keep my body in shape.

Set a goal for each day


One of the easiest ways to stop gaining weight is to set a goal for yourself everyday. Whether it is to only eat 3 sweets a day, eat less carbs or simply do a 30 minute workout. Set goals! It’ll make you want to achieve them.

Eat more protein


Food high in protein is more likely to keep you full for longer. So it’s a great idea to eat more of fish, meat or beans. Not only does it fill you up. It will also minimize the likelihood to lose muscle mass if you’re not working out over the holidays.

Give sweets to others


We all know it. Lots of people love to gift sweets to others. So if you’re one of those people who receive presents as such, give them to others instead of eating all of them yourself! Problem solved.

Do HIIT in the morning


This is something I love to do! Go do a HIIT workout right after you wake up. Especially in the holidays it’s easy to find excuses not to do a workout. However, if you do it first thing in the morning, you’re done with it and can enjoy the rest of your day.

Do light exercise instead of snacking

If you feel like eating even though you’re not hungry, go for a walk! It’s a great way to get your body moving. Instead of meeting up with others for coffee and cookies, go for a walk together. Your body will thank you for it. (If you want to know how many steps you took each day, click here and download the StepsAPP).

StepsApp - Hero - Workout & Watch

After these tips I am sure you can keep your body in shape over the holidays. Let me know in the comments if this article helped you.

I hope you have wonderful holidays.



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