#NextStop – Vienna

If you’ve ever talked to me about Austria, you would know that I am not so fond of Vienna. However, that was when I haven’t been there for 4 years! I had to go to Vienna when I was attending the Fashion Week.

I was surprised. I seemed to really enjoy being in Vienna. So much that I decided to stay there for 3 additional days. So, if you ever decide to go to Vienna for a weekend-trip, I will tell you where you could go;)

Find cool events! 


That’s what I did. In Vienna, there are so many cool events you can go to. I was at Vienna Fashion Week (read more here) and at Female Founders Day by a magazine called WIENERIN. If you’re interested in concerts or theatre you will definately find something. You can also go to Museums (Technology, Military History, Natural History,..). These are super cool and not boring (at least in my opinion). But I am a bit of a freak on this subject.


Go to Schönbrunn Palace and Vienna Zoo!

fullsizerender 2

My favorite! As I love animals I begged my boyfriend Philip to go to Schönbrunn Palace and Vienna Zoo, which is not far from it. Firstly, the Palace itself is stunning! Super galmorous and huge! If you’re interested in finding out about the history and architechture of Vienna, I would 100% go there!


If you’re like me and you have a soft spot for animaly, I would strongly suggest that you visit Vienna Zoo, which apparently is the oldest zoo in the world! There is literally every animal I ever wanted to see, pandas, leopards, bears, lions even reindeers! I was so excited (as you can see in the pictures):D


Go shopping! 


Duh. The obvious one when you come to Vienna. Stroll around in “Mariahilferstaße” where there are uncountable shops for fashion lovers. I kinda freaked out when I found a Brandy Melville store, as these are super rare in Austria. If you’re more into high-end clothing there is even a Dsquared2 and a PhilippPlein shop in Vienna!

Go to a Café!


If you know anything about the Viennese culture, you’d also know that coffee is a necessity! More pecisely a “Melange” which is similar to a Cappuccino. So, if you really want to get the full Vienna experience, go to Café Sacher, have a Melange and a piece of “Sacher Torte” (chocolate cake filled with apricot jam). After that I’m sure you’ll want to dance a Viennese Waltz:D

Oh, and a last tip:


If you want to stay in a high quality hotel that looks incedibly Austrian, stay at Enziana hotel. I really enjoyed my time there as the hotel itself is stunning and the staff is incredibly friendly and competent.


So, this was what I did when I was in Vienna. If you have any further questions leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram.





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