#Fitness – What I eat to stay fit

As the response to my previous blopgpost was so positive and many of you have been asking me for a post on my nutrition I thought I’d make a blogpost on it. So this is a brief overview of my general diet and what I eat to get a healthy and happy body.


5 days clean – 2 days whatever. This is the philosophy I live by when it comes to food. I try to eat very healthy for most of the week. But when the weekend rolls around, oh boy! I go crazy with brownies, sweets, chips, pizza, …, the list is endless. ūüėÄ And to be honest, I don’t think that you should feel guilty about indulging. When you’re leading a truly healthy life most of the time, it’s okay to have one or two cheat days. (btw. if you want to know my favourite cheat day recipes, let me know).


Basically, I try to always eat fresh and unprocessed foods. This is especially easy in summer because we have a huge garden with lots of vegetables and fruit at home. Therefore, I enjoy having plenty greens (salad, cucumber, avocado, peas, herbs) and vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, courgettes) in my diet. Fresh is always best! I usually prepare a huge salad for me to eat.


Along with vegetables, I make sure to get enough protein. I am not vegetarian. I love to eat chicken and fish. These are excellent sources of protein with little and (as for the fish) healthy fat. For a vegetarian alternative to these, I have broccoli, chickpeas or beans in order to get a little more protein in my diet.

As I am a sweet-tooth, I cannot resist the urge to eat something sweet each day. Therefore I try to concetrate on fruit and healthy alternatives to my favorite sweets. Instead of Maoam’s? Grapes! Instead of Milk Chocolate? Dark (80%) Chocolate. There are so many ways to eat healthier. Plus: To me, it is always incredibly motivating to know that my next cheat days will come.


Lastly, I try to eat a bit of everything. I don’t want to limit myself. If I feel like eating something, I will eat it on my cheat day or just have a small bite of it. If I had to cut out something from my diet, it simply wouldn’t be sustainable for me.

This is what I eat in order to get a healthy and strong body.


I hope I could help you with this post. If you want more information, leave me a comment down below or send me a message on my Instagram.











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