#NextStop – My favorite restaurants & bars in Ibiza

I LOVE FOOD! If anyone doesn’t know this by now, have you been living under a rock? I’m just joking. But it’s true, there are little things I actually enjoy more than eating. Preferably high quality food (and the odd McDonalds once in a while). When I was in Ibiza, we found lots of great places to eat and have a few drinks at. And I am going to show you my favorites.

TEXMEX – Tijuana 


Believe it or not. I have never eaten Mexican food before I traveled to Ibiza. I know, crazy right?:D We went to Tijuana in Sant Antoni not once, not twice but thrice! The food there was absolutely amazing and the staff was so nice that we had to go there so often! And the best thing: There was fried ice cream! OMG!


Blue Marlin Bar


I am a huge fan of breakfast. So on our last day we decided to go for brunch at Blue Marlin Bar in Eivissa. And I loved it! Not only was it so incredibly Instagram-worthy. But it was also very healthy and tasted really good! We also had a smoothie with it, which was the perfect start in the day.


Hilton Hotel – Café Montesol 


So, we went to Café/Hotel Montesol in the town of Ibiza quite a few times. One reason for that was the atmosphere and the design. Another one is that the staff there was so friendly and it was fun talking to them and finding out more about Ibiza. And of course the most important thing: the food and drinks were mouthwatering! I had a drink with passion fruit and some salmon.




As you all know, I am into health. So it is not surprising that I am a huge fan of sushi, right? We found this amazing little sushi restaurant called UMAMI. This was honestly the best sushi I have ever eaten. If you go to Ibiza I would strongly suggest to go there.


Villa Mercedes 


And lastly for drinks. I would advise you to go to Villa Mercedes. It is located at the port of Sant Antoni, which means you have an amazing view while sipping on some well-prepared drinks. A big plus: There also play DJ’s there. And as I am sure you all know – Ibiza is well-known for its good music.


So I hope this blogpost was helpful. Send me pics of the restaurants you go to in Ibiza! You can contact me in the comments below or on Instagram.



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  1. Don says:

    Great job all that wonderful food has me very hungry


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