#NextStop – The most beautiful beaches in Ibiza

Blue. White. Yellow. Thats all the colors I think about when it comes to going to the beach. Blue water and sky. White sand and the yellow sun. That’s all I want. When we were in Ibiza, we saw lots and lots of beaches. But in this blogpost, I’ll share the most breathtaking ones.

#4 – Playa Ses Salines 


I’ll start of with the one I liked but wasn’t too excited about. Playa Ses Salines. The sand there is a very light color (perfect for taking Instagram pics). The sea is a beautiful vibrant blue and turquoise color. So why is it not my favorite? Well, it’s not as clean as I would like it to be. As there are lots of visitors each day, there is quite a bit of litter in the sand, which I wasn’t very fond of.

#3 – Cala d’Hort – Es Vedra


Next on my TOP 4 beaches was Cala d’Hort. Why? Because you have the most breathtaking view on Es Vedra, the rocky island next to Ibiza (It is said to be a special magnetic place). Unfortunately, we couldn’t go swimming in the sea that day. There were so many little jellyfish and I am waaaaay too scared to get stung of an animal like that. Another thing: there are quite a few stones in the sand so it’s not that easy to go into the water without shoes on.

#2 – Na Xamena

img_3170Now, this one is not for going for a dip in the sea. It’s for having the most amazing view EVER! Na Xamena. We drove up the cliffs there and found the most breathtaking place we had ever been to. You can see all over the ocean. The best thing: You`re alone up there. There is almost no one! You`re in pure nature while gazing down at the gorgeous turquoise sea.


#1 – Cala Sant Vincenc 

img_3239Now for my favorite: Cala Sant Vincenc! OMG! I have never been to a more beautiful beach. The sand was so incredibly soft. The water was blue and extremely clear. You have a beautiful view at the sea in between the cliffs. This was by far my favorite beach. We went there three times because we couldn’t find a more beautiful beach!

So these were my TOP 4 beaches we visited in Ibiza.

Feel free to suggest what I should write about next. You can contact me on my Instagram or leave a comment.




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  1. Sachin Dekwal says:

    Beautiful damn sexy hot 🔥 😍❤

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    1. lionscat says:

      Thank you 💪🏽👙


  2. Michi says:

    Mega 😍👌🏽


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  3. Wow 😘😘😘 pally 😘😘😘


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  4. joao says:

    Nice beach. And beautiful girl.


    1. lionscat says:

      Yes, it was absolutely breathtaking ☺️😋


  5. Fabian says:



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      Thank you☺️😋


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  7. Gregory Wilson says:

    The pictures are so beautiful thanks for sharing with me.

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  8. pradip says:

    Beautiful amazing

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  9. Léo says:

    incredible 😍 Very beautiful !

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