#NextStop – MQVFW

It’s September. What does that mean? Fall. Yes. Back to school. Yes. But also: Fashion Week! To be more precise: MQ Vienna Fashion Week!

I was kindly invited to attend to the MQVFW this week. And believe me: I was more than excited to go there! But first: The question every girl has.



After three hours of vigurously searching for an outfit in Mariahilferstaße in Vienna, I decided to go with my usual style motto. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. It just always fits. (At least in my opinion) I added a black faux leather jacket to make it look a bit more high-fashion. BOOM! Outfit sorted. Now the most important aspect:


First of: OMG how tall were these models? I (being 1.66m) felt like a tiny mouse compared to them. But obviously, it wasn’t all about the models. It’ a fashion show after all. I was surprised. I really din’t expect to actually like the fashion that was presented. But I have to admit: I fell in love with one brand in particular. VIS A VIS. As I’m sure you know, I’m into laid-back and casual clothing. This is why I like Vis a Vis. It is street-style and urban fashion. PERFECT!

Another brand I was quite impressed by was ROZBORA. These clothes were more grown-up whilst still being somewhat girly. Can we apprechiate how amazing this sheer black dress is? SO BEAUTIFUL!

Antoher thing that excited me a lot was that HUMANIC presented new shoes in the Showroom-area. And I found the most breathtaking pair ever! I fell in love with these strappy shiny heels by Steve Madden. Guess what I’ll wish for this Christmas :b



Lasly, I’ll never post an entry on my blog without mentioning food. If you’ve read my last blogpost, you already know NENI. Guess what! There was a NENI truck at the MQVFW. Of course I had to go there and have some food. Which was delicious btw.



And now? Off to WIENERIN Gründerinnentag 2017 (female founders day)! You’ll find out more about it in my next blogpost.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment or contact me on my Instagram.



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