#NextStop – Preparing for IBIZA 

What is one of the worst things you can say to me? “Summer is almost over”. That’s right, I love summertime so much that I can’t help but be incredibly devastated when it comes to an end. This is why I decided to go on my next trip in September. And guess where I’ll go. IBIZA!

Have you ever been to this amazing place? I haven’t been there yet but I have dreamed about it ever since I turned 18. Beach, Sun, Party, Music, Dance, Luxury. I can’t wait!

Bild 27.08.17 um 22.55.jpg

Fitness: How do I prepare? 

As far as my body (or rather my fitness) goes, I like to train a bit harder before I go on holiday. Why? So I already compensate for the workouts I won’t do on holiday. This way I don’t stress about doing my workout when I am on vacation. Therefore, when I am on holiday, solely making sure that I reach at least 10.000 steps per day and tracking them with this amazing App –> STEPSAPP <– is enough to keep my body looking fit. (Read More here)


Food: How do I eat and drink? 

So, here’s the thing. A few weeks before my vacation I usually eat very healthy and make sure to stick to my normal diet. However, when there are only a few days left, I like to start indulging in order to get into the vacation spirit. What I eat and drink on a night out? Well, which girl doesn’t like to drink champagne? The same goes for me. I love –> Dom Perignon <–  as well as –> Moet <– . As far as snacks on a night out before my vacation go, I like to keep it sweet with my favorite cheat day treat: –> M&M’s. <–

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Fashion: What do I buy for Party, Trips and Beach?

The question I am sure everyone has asked him- or herself: What should I wear? Especially in Ibiza, where there are so many well dressed people, I also want to seem stylish. That’s why I make sure to start figuring out which new clothes and which style I want and what would fit in with the spirit of this island. My favorite piece from my haul is my cap by –> Dsquared2 <– , which was signed by Dean and Dan. I love them! Another staple for my vacation? Bikinis, duh! (I still have to buy some more, actually). And lastly, I have really been into jumpsuits and rompers. They are so easy to style and look very luxurious. Most of mine are from –> Fashion Nova <– .

Extra tip:

Do you like being at the same place for seven days in a row? Me neither. So Philip and I decided to rent a car. Why? Freedom!

We’ll be cruising along the roads in Ibiza without having to worry about catching the next bus back to our hotel. I found some good deals, starting at 79€ per week, here.   –> Rentalcars <–  

So, I hope I could give you some insights into how I prepare for my trips. If you have any questions, make sure to contact me on my Instagram or leave a comment below.  



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  1. Sachin Dekwal says:

    Beautiful fabulous 😍

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    1. lionscat says:

      Thank you☺️


  2. joao says:

    Coll Christina. Your blog is very nice for who looking adventure and discovery other cultures and citys awsome! Joao here from Brazil your friend! Congrulations!

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    1. lionscat says:

      Thank you so much Joao! I really appreciate it☺️


  3. Alessandro says:


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    1. lionscat says:

      Thank you!☺️


  4. Bee says:

    Awesome blog:D


    1. lionscat says:

      Thank you so much!☺️


  5. Felipe says:

    So fancy! Good lucky

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