#NextStop – Opatija/Croatia

What do we all want? Summer, sun and the sea! At least that’s what Philip and I wanted. Therefore we decided to go to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen: Opatija. This little city is located in Croatia and has amazing beaches. I’m sure you’ve never seen water that’s clearer. We tracked all our adventures with –> STEPSAPP<–

We arrived in Opatija on June 13th at 09:00 am and went straight to Bevanda beach which was where most of the pictures on my Instagram were taken. This pool-bar is truly luxurious. A big pool filled with saltwater from the sea, an amazing bar with incredibly competent mixologists and ,most importantly, the sea right next to it. If you decide to go to Opatija, make sure to check out this hotel, it’s the best!

We kicked off our vacation with a glass of Moet champagne at the beach and, of course, food. We ordered a salad with bacon, which was unbeleavably delicious and didn’t fail to fill me up until dinner. Speaking of food: of course Philip and I love to eat. Because of that we chose to have half-board, which turned out to be a great decision.

As far as going out clubbing goes, there are some amazing clubs (such as the Colloseum Beach Bar) which are outdoors and right next to the sea. This means that firstly, you don’t have to worry about smelling like a cigarette after clubbing (if you are a non-smoker and it annoys you just as much as me) and secondly, you have an amazing view.

Now, if you have read the latest blogpost you know that I love going on adventures when I am on holiday. So of course we made sure to stay active whilst having fun and discovering amazing new places.

We tracked our adventures with this amazing app –> STEPSAPP <–

While we were strolling around the city, we found something that made me so happy. Can you guess what it was? That’s right: food. But not just any shop that sells food, it was a sweets shop that looked like in a pirate movie. Of course we had to try some of the sweets there.


When we were back in Austria again, we were sure that we will go to Opatija again soon. It’s the perfect place to visit to relax and have the best vacation ever. So all in all, we can only recommend to go to Opatija, you surely wont regret it.



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  1. Jack says:

    You are so beautiful darling ❤😙

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