#Fitness – How to get tan and stay fit at the same time

We all love going on holiday, but let’s face it, the pleasure you feel while you are on vacation sometimes turns into regret once you’re back home again.  When you’re overindulging in unhealthy food, skipping all your workouts for a week (or even longer) and going out every night, it is hard to stay fit. This is why I use the *StepsApp* daily, especially on my rest days and when I’m on vacation, to stay fit. To find out more about how I keep my fitness game strong while still having that vacation feeling, keep reading.

StepsApp - Hero - Workout & Watch

As we all know, the majority of your success when it comes to fitness comes from your nutrition. If you are like me and love to eat a lot, make sure you pick the healthiest option. You can indulge when you’re on holiday, just don’t eat the greasiest, most unhealthy things on the menu all the time. Also try to have enough greens, fruit and protein in your diet, even when you’re on vacation.

Next, you should make sure that you either stay at a hotel that has its own gym or one that is near the beach or parks where you can do your workouts. Even if you do not plan on doing a workout everyday, I found that it’s a lot easier to keep to your fitness plan when you actually have everything you need to workout nearby. For some of you it may be as simple as going for a run at the beach, lifting weights in the gym or (as for me) doing cardio workouts.


However, if you are one of those people who dont want to hit the gym and do a full-on workout when on vacation, i have an amazing tip for you. It is to go on adventures. Whether it is a hike, strolling around shops or going surfing. Don’t just lay at the beach all day every day! A great tip is to install the **–> “Steps App” <–**so you can keep track of the distance you walk each day. This is an amazing way of getting active without it feeling like work. The goal is to get to 10k steps per day, and it’s a lot easier to achieve that goal if you have your mobile to motivate you! You can even track how many calories you burned, which gives you an idea of how much walking actually does for your body. With this app, I promise you’ll be a lot more motivated to get moving.

After reading this, I am sure you can get a tan and get (or stay) fit at the same time!




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